Who are we?

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à propos des hôtes : Cécile et Romain, couple de propriétaires de l'immeuble BnB Au 1894

Cécile & Romain

We are a local family, born in Champagne and passionate about our effervescent region! Cécile handles the organizational aspect with her calm and methodical approach, while Romain has the creative ideas and makes them real thanks to his manual skills.

We wear many different hats: for several years now, we’ve been renting accommodation for anyone who wishes to discover our beautiful region, and we also specialize in wine-related tourism in collector vehicles with our agency My Vintage Tour Company.

We do everything to make sure that the people staying in our apartments feel right at home. There is so much offer and choice in this field but we felt we needed to put human interaction back at the heart of it and invite people to take their time in this world where everything goes so fast.

Au 1894 is a building full of character that embodies our values.

façade de la maison Au 1894 à Avize comprenant 2 appartements BnB

The house Au 1894

The name came naturally! This house was built in 1894: its beams, walls and roof all date back to that year. We are committed to preserving them as much as possible to keep their history intact.

Built by a family from Avize, it was a multipurpose building, and a rumor says it even hosted the town’s movie theater in the 1950s. Then it became part of a viticultural property owned by a local family and its traditional cellar contained thousands of champagne bottles.

We’ve been the owners for almost 20 years now and have hosted many students of Avize’s famous viticulture high school. Now, it allows us to welcome Family, Friends, and Travelers from all over the globe.

The French Ministry of Tourism awarded this house a three-star rating as a vacation rental.

plaque "meublé de tourisme 3 étoiles" sur la façade de la maison Au 1894 à Avize

ampoules LED à basse consommation dans l'appartement Loft de l'immeuble BnB Au 1894 à Avize

Our commitments

We are trying to do our part to help the planet by applying eco-conscious efforts in our apartments.

In the shared entrance hall of the building, you will find recycling bins and instructions on what to put in each of them.

All the furniture is second-hand.

All the lights in the apartment have been replaced by LED energy-saving light bulbs.

The paint used on the walls is organic and with an eco-label.

As for the heating system, the building is equipped with a heating pump.

The gentle heat radiators work with a technology which allows us to sustainably manage their emissions by remotely turning them off as soon as guests leave the rental unit.

The faucets and the shower have water-saving equipment which uses 50% less water.


The apartments are fully equipped, just like at home


A full cleaning of the apartment is done after guests leave


The shared areas of the building have video surveillance

Choosing us is the guarantee to spend a lovely time in accommodation where everything is planned to make you feel right at home! Enjoy the comfort of a 3-star lodging and a tailor-made stay perfectly suited to your needs.