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bouteille géante au parc Vix à Avize village classé Grand Cru dans l'appellation Champagne

The “Grand cru” appellation

Did you know? Only 17 villages of the Champagne region are classified “Grand cru”, including Avize. Find out more about the meaning of this appellation.

vitiforesterie en Champagne, fleurs jaunes au milieu des vignes

Vitiforestry in the Champagne region

Vitiforestry or vineyard agroforestry is when other trees or plants are planted amidst the plots of vines. This method is being used more and more in the Champagne region for its many environmental benefits!

planche apéritif au bar à champagne Le Recommandé à Avize, restaurants autour d'Epernay

Nearby restaurants and bars

Check out our recommendations of restaurants and bars in Avize and around, for all tastes and budgets.

balade en vélo électrique autour d'Avize sur la Côte des Blancs

Bike rides around Avize

Want to discover the Champagne region by cycling? There are many bike routes available to you starting from Avize and through the Côte des Blancs.

mairie du village Avize

Events to come in Avize

Check out the events scheduled in Avize in the coming months (spring / summer 2023).

maison de champagne Avize près du BnB Au 1894

Visits and tastings in Avize

Many winegrowers and champagne houses have chosen Avize for the high quality of its terroir, classified “Grand cru”. Find here all the good addresses for visits and tastings near Au 1894.

parc Vix avec vue panoramique sur le village d'Avize


Get to know the typical champenois village where you’ll be staying at Au 1894!

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